"All the songs reveal Lalor’s gift as a storyteller, with intriguing lyrics woven around instantly appealing melodies that stick in the mind after just one hearing". Pat Kehoe Irish Music Forever

"All are amazing stories put into song by Padraig Lalor and his band. I found this album and its content very moving". Peter Massey Green Man Review

"Lalor's band combines the foundation of rock with the tradition of folk music and his songs are literate but direct: sometimes dramatic - "Molly Brown" for example - and sometimes melancholy as with "Close your eyes" on which Lowri Evans takes the lead". R2

"almost like a musical version of James Joyce's Dubliners, this is an album of well-written songs which is bound to appeal to those with an interest in the Titanic". Shelley Rainey Bright Young Folk

"Padraig Lalor is a singer/songwriter who has matured and developed considerably over the years. His solo material has a familiar feel to it. Songs like Two Pennies and Rinty Monaghan are the kind of songs you'll swear you've heard before. It's not that they are 'like' anything else and they are not overly derivative but they are very much rooted in a folk tradition while also managing to exude a freshness that appeals". Enda Mullen Harp Magazine 

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